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Pine needles, pine needles, they're everywhere

Pine needles, pine needles, they're everywhere

Pine needles, not so great for your vacuum

To some, this is one of the down falls of Christmas. But to most, it’s just another “thing” you need to attend to when you buy a live tree. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in your fight against the dreaded pine needle clean up.  If large amounts of pine needles and small twigs are on your floor these should be picked up first with a broom. Once the majority of the mess is cleared the rest can be vacuumed. The best type of portable vacuum to use is one with a hose.  The hose provides a shorter path to the bag or canister which can lessen clogs. Pine needles and twigs are very bulky and can fill your vacuum quickly. This will weaken the performance of your machine.  Make sure to empty the bag or canister before and after each job.  Another quick idea is to use a lint roller, especially on furniture. The needles will adhere to the tape making clean up simple.

Help I have a clogged hose!

If you have a second portable vacuum or shop vac this may be your best bet in attacking the nasty clog. Newer vacuums have hoses and handles which can be easily removed, helping to clear away the clog from different angles and positions.  The trick is to use the second hose to suck out the debris while shaking both hoses. You want to keep the clog moving and not stuck in another spot. If after this attempt, you were unsuccessful you may want to contact our shop and have our certified technicians look at the problem.  Please feel free to give us a call @ 410-638-9396.


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