3 clever attachments that make cleaning with your vacuum a breeze

3 clever attachments that make cleaning with your vacuum a breeze

Here in the mid-Atlantic it’s starting to feel like spring, but who knows next week it could be winter. With that in mind, Its spring cleaning time! Most of the cleaning websites state if you clean problem areas like blinds and ceiling fans more often, you will spend less time on these areas during your spring cleaning. That’s great advice but who has the time to clean a fan every week!  Many websites offer great tips and cleaning hacks for cleaning everything from screens to refrigerators, shower grout and even ceiling fans.  What if we told you having a simple attachment could lighten the “cleaning load” and give you time to clean your mini blinds and ceiling fans every week. 

Ceiling fan brush -  Clean your ceiling fan or window edge without the use of a ladder.  No more wiping the dust off the fan and onto you. This attachment cleans both the top and the bottom of the fan blade with the switch of an adapter and sucks the dust directly into the vacuum wand. It fits all central vac wands and a majority of portable vacuum wands. Check compatibility for portable vacuums.

Shutter blind attachment – Soft bristles slide between the blind slats and attract dust and particles like a magnet.  Dust is sucked into vacuum wand instead of being spread throughout your home when using a dusting cloth.  Also great for plantation shutters.  Check compatibility for portable vacuums.

Mini blind attachment -  Vacuum fingers slide between the mini blinds and dust is sucked into the vacuum handle or wand   instead of moving throughout the air like when using a dusting cloth.  Check compatibility for portable vacuums.


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