Sebo 9570AM Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum thumb

Sebo 9570AM Automatic X4 Upright Vacuum White

  • Brand: Sebo
  • Model: 9570AM
  • Sku: SE-9570AM

The Sebo Automatic X4 vacuum cleaner is a sturdy and lightweight upright vacuum that is made in Germany and has a 10 year warranty. It has many features to enhance your cleaning needs. Belt protection and suction motor protection are two features that extend the life of the vacuum. There is an automatic height adjustment feature that ensures optimal performance on both carpet and hard-floor surfaces. When you lower the handle flat, the low 5 ½ inch profile allows you to clean under beds and other furniture. There is a handy warning light that indicates whether your brush height is set too high for optimal cleaning or when the brush roller should be replaced due to bristle wear. There is also a Bag Full or Clog light with Automatic Shut Off which prevents overheating and motor damage from lack of adequate airflow. 

The wand and hose are very user-friendly and are ideal for cleaning furniture and stairs. The 40 foot cord reduces the number of electrical outlet changes needed during use. The brush roller is easily removed for cleaning; it requires no tools and ensures consistently effective brush agitation of the carpet. The Sebo Automatic X4  uses a large 1.4 gallon, disposable filter bag.

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