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As an authorized dealer, we sell, install and service M&S intercom systems, service M&S central vacuum systems and sell replacement parts.

M&S intercoms have come along way since they were first introduced in the 1950's.  Sound quality is crystal clear - no more tinny sound. Radio, intercom and doorbell are standard.  Add-ons include CD player, connection of an MP3 player, smart phone or other device via blue tooth, and door release.  Old systems can be upgraded easily without rewiring or drywall repair.

Shop for intercom masters, speakers, installation materials and parts.  For M&S central vacuums, we offer replacement accessory kits, hoses, powerheads, attachments, accessories, filters, bags and installation materials.  If the power unit needs to be replaced, any of our brands will be compatible with the rest of the system.  Often, one of our other brands will offer features that were not available when the M&S unit was installed.  Improvements in motor technology will also provide an opportunity to obtain a new unit with more power.

Please contact us if you are unable to find a part for an M&S intercom or central vacuum system.