We sell and install retractable hose systems sold under the Spot, Vroom and Wally brands. 

Spot stores the hose in the piping system.  To use, the required hose length is pulled out of the inlet.  When vacuuming is complete, the suction from the power unit is used to retract the hose back into the piping system.    It is designed for use with small attachments such as a crevice tool or dust brush to clean areas such as dryer lint screens and mud rooms.

Vroom utilizes a cabinet to store a stretch hose that is either 18 or 24 feet long.  Vroom can be installed in a kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity or from a garage ceiling.

WallyFlex is a 2 foot short hose iwth short wand that stretches to 13 feet.  It hangs from the wall and is readily available for quick pick-ups in kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, laundry rooms and other areas.



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