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Shop for central vacuum hoses for virtually any brand.  There are a number of characteristics to be considered to make the hose work in a given system.

  • Hose Type - Choices are standard, low voltage, electric (pigtail or direct connect), stretch and extension.
  • Inlet end - Choices are standard and electrified.  Most inlets have an inside diameter of 1 1/2".  Budd and Kenmore have smaller diameters which require an adapter.  Vacuflo and other brands have proprietary inlets that can require unique hoses.
  • Wand connection - The hose can be held to the wand by a button lock or friction fit.  The button position can vary.  The electric receptacle can be different shapes and in different positions in the handle.  There are some brands that have a proprietary connection that requires the use of a specific hose.
  • Length - Depending on the hose type, lengths vary from 6 to 50 feet.

Please contact us with questions concerning replacement of a central vacuum hose.


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