Your vacuum's right hand man against pet hair

Your vacuum's right hand man against pet hair

Not only is pet hair annoying but it can be dangerous to people who have pet allergies.  Did you know that there are pet hair attachments that can be used to help eliminate hair?  Using a standard broom to swept up hair can spread the allergens throughout your home.  By using one of the pet hair attachments with your portable vacuum or central vacuum you can eliminate the spread of pet dander.

Wessel-Werk 3 piece pet care ensemble -  This kit includes 3 tools which are designed to be used in homes with pets.

Soft clean pet brush – to be used directly on your pet.  Soft rubber bristles (gentle on your pet) brush the hair from your pet.   Fits virtually all brands of central vacuum systems and portable vacuums.

PT160 Turbine powered – fits virtually all brands of central vacuum systems and portable vacuums.  This heavy-duty tool has a swivel neck assembly, pivoting suction mouth, and a rotating brush that lifts hair and other debris from the carpet and fabric, allowing it to be sucked into the vacuum.   Also great for the interior of your car.    

Microfiber Vacuum Mop – attaches to a standard vacuum wand with a 1 ¼“ diameter.  Works great on hardwood floors.  The microfiber pad can be easily removed and washed.  The hair and dust are gathered on the mop head and then sucked into the vacuum.  It also polishes floors. 

Fur-get-it from Riccar – The felt cylinder attracts the pet hair and the squeegee flips to make it a self-cleaning tool.  All hair is sucked into wand so you never have to touch collected hair.  Works great on carpet, upholstery and car interiors.  This tool is not to be used directly on pets.

Dyson Groom tool – Engineered to remove loose dog hair and dead skin cells directly from your pets coat before it sheds around the home.  Attaches to the end of most Dyson wands and hoses.  Works best on medium to long hair and not to be used on woolen coats.  Self-cleaning with a push of a button.

Pet hair lifter sponge – Used for light clean ups.  Gently wipe the dry sponge over the surface that is covered in hair.   Whether its upholstery, clothing or carpets.  The hair will gather on the sponge, simply wipe clean and use again.  Over time this can be washed with soap and water.  Please allow the sponge to fully dry before using.  Other great uses for the pet hair lifter are cleaning blinds, lampshades, auto interiors, baseboards, computer screens and walls.


Don’t forget to stock up on bags, filters and parts.  If we don’t have it and its available, we will order it. Store hours are weekdays 8am-5:30pm and Saturdays 10am-3pm.  Visit our Facebook page for more tips and sales.



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