What powerhead should I use on ultra-soft carpet?

What powerhead should I use on ultra-soft carpet?

Carpet has come a long way in recent years and the new ultra-soft microfiber carpeting like Mohawk’s SmartStrand Silk and Caress by Shaw, are dominating the market.  Many consumers are having issues with their powerheads locking down on the carpet making it difficult to maneuver which can result in damage to the carpet fibers.  Most ultra-soft carpet can range from ¼”to ½” thick dense soft fibers resulting in the carpet manufacturers linking carpet warranties to the type of vacuum that is used.  In this article, we will discuss features of powerheads and guide you in the right direction when purchasing a powerhead.


One of the most important features in powerhead selection is extended height adjustment. Many powerheads have automatic height adjustment which causes the powerhead to sink into the carpet. This creates a seal between the carpet and vacuum, hampering the air flow causing the vacuum to “suck down” and becomes nearly impossible to move. To properly lower a powerhead with extended height adjustment, start at the highest height setting and lower it until the roller brush lightly grazes the carpet and is maneuvered easily.


Suction relief can reduce the seal between the power head and the carpet.  Depending on the brand suction relief can be achieved in the powerhead, wand or hose handle.  For your best outcome having suction relief in the powerhead will increase air flow and help the powerhead glide across your carpet with ease.


The wheels can also be a factor. Choosing a powerhead with wider support wheels preferably within the vacuum housing, may prevent the vacuum from sinking into the dense carpet.


Two powerheads that perform ideally on ultra-soft carpet are:

Wessel-Werk EBK360 Soft Clean – 5 position height adjustment, large rear wheels on the inside of the rear housing. The air passes through the front of the nozzle which allows the powerhead to glide over ultra-soft carpet.


Cen-Tec CT23QD – vents on the hood of the powerhead channels air down and under the agitator brush and carries the dirt into the air stream. Self-adjusting air relief keeps the powerhead from sealing to the carpet.  Not only is this a great option for ultra-soft carpet but it works well on traditional carpeting.


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