Upgrading an old intercom system

Upgrading an old intercom system

Do you know that the average life span of an intercom system is about 20 years? As the original homeowner, you may have noticed that certain features are no longer working. If you recently purchased the house, the intercom may not work or meet your needs. Some common problems have a simple fix like a system reset while others require extensive repairs with the end result being your system is worn out. A few common problems are a sure sign that you may need a new system:

System locked up 
System speakers have poor sound quality
System speakers have a scratchy sound
Humming sound from master unit
Trouble tuning radio stations

Many older systems from manufacturers like NuTone, Rittenhouse, Emerson, and M&S do not have parts available. While other manufacturers have the parts, they are limited. Fortunately, there are replacement systems that work with the existing wire.

We all love having a warranty and now with a new system you will have a 2-year warranty to cover parts.  With technology updating constantly a new system will bring many new features like improved speaker quality and a digital system which provides control of radio stations and sound settings. Music stored on an MP3 player or a smart phone can be played through your new intercom system either through a BlueTooth receiver or a 3.5mm jack. A hands-free option is also available which allows calls to be answered from anywhere in the room.  There are several different color options.

Many of the newer systems are a straightforward replacement that can be completed in less than a day. Newer system equipment is usually smaller but retrofit frames that cover the larger holes in the drywall are available. This eliminates the need to patch the drywall.

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