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Pet Hair got you down?

Pet Hair got you down?

Does your house look like a dozen dogs and cats live with you, but in reality, you have 1 of each? Like all pet owners who have animals that shed you know of the ongoing fight with pet hair. Many customers come to us and tell us that their current bagless vacuum cleaner is not cleaning up the hair even though they have us service it periodically.  The one they bought from a big box store was marketed as a “pet vacuum”.  They also share that they have noticed a decline in the quality of bagless vacuum cleaners.


We have a solution.  The powerful suction of this vacuum will make you question if you own a pet. It cleans carpet, smooth floors, steps, upholstery, and even cars.  Maintenance is much less than the bagless vacuum that you have been using. The filter last 10 years or more.  There are no allergens exhausted into the living area. Its’ so quiet that you can watch TV and vacuum simultaneously. The vacuum can easily last 20 years. Want to know what it is?

Its’ a central vacuum system.
There are many myths floating around in regards to central vacuum systems.  All the time we hear, “ My home is already built so you will have to rip my walls apart to do this and then charge me and arm and a leg ”  We are happy to say that neither of these statements are true.  Central vacuums can be installed in existing homes with minimal to no drywall repair.  A basic unit in a 2000 sq. foot home can cost as little as $1400.00 installed. We recommend having the system installed by one of our technicians to help with placement of inlets, piping system and the main power unit.  Keeping the number of inlets and turns in the piping system to a minimum can cut costs and guarantee proper working order for your system.  

Benefits of a central vacuum system: 

  • Greater power – up to 5 times more than a portable vacuum cleaner
  • Significantly less maintenance
  • Unit can last up to 20 years if properly maintained
  • Dirt canister does not need not to be emptied as often
  • Units are quieter than portable vacuum
  • Indoor air quality is improved because the exhaust is into non-living space or to the outside
  • Additional accessories can be purchased for specific needs


For more information check out our central vacuum page . We offer free in-home estimates within our service area which includes most of Maryland, Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Or visit our in-home service webpage to check by zip code .  We can also be reached at 800-848-4018 M-F 8-5:30pm and Sat 10-3pm.


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