As an authorized dealer, we sell and service Dyson vacuum cleaners, fans and heaters, and sell replacement parts for the entire Dyson line.

Based on our extensive repair experience, Dyson makes the best bagless vacuums.  The cyclonic separation is excellent.  Unlike other brands of bagless vacuums, the filters hardly accumulate any debris so optimum suction is maintained.  The ball technology facilitates maneuverability, especially in tight areas.

The Dyson line of fans and heaters are uniquely engineered.  These products have no exposed rotating blades, making them safe around children.  The contemporary design allows them to blend into a tastefully decorated room.  The models with heaters are versatile and usable year round.

We are an authorized warranty service center for Dyson corded vacuums.  There is no need to call Dyson.  Just bring in your vacuum and we will repair under warranty and handle all of the warranty paperwork.

Please contact us if you are unable to find a part for a Dyson product.